State Actions Regarding SARA

United States and Territories (regional compact) Legislation Introduced Legislation Passed Application to Regional Compact Approved as SARA State State Renewal Date
American Samoa N/A N/A N/A
Alabama (SREB) Yes Yes Yes 1/1/2016
Alaska (WICHE) Yes Yes Yes 05/13/2014 05/13/2016
Arizona (WICHE) Yes Yes Yes 11/11/2014 11/11/2016
Arkansas (SREB) N/A N/A Yes 06/29/2015
California (WICHE) No
Colorado (WICHE) Yes Yes Yes 05/13/2014 05/13/2016
Connecticut (NEBHE) Yes Yes Yes 12/09/2016
Delaware (SREB) N/A N/A Yes 09/01/2016
District of Columbia Yes Yes Yes 07/01/2016
Florida (SREB) Yes
Georgia (SREB) N/A N/A Yes 12/1/2015
Hawaii (WICHE) Yes Yes Yes 5/17/2016
Idaho (WICHE) N/A N/A Yes 05/13/2014 05/13/2016
Illinois (MHEC) Yes Yes Yes 07/31/2015 7/31/2017
Indiana (MHEC) Yes Yes Yes 02/21/2014 02/21/2016
Iowa (MHEC) Yes Yes Yes 06/01/15 06/01/2018
Kansas (MHEC) Yes Yes Yes 11/16/2014 11/16/2016
Kentucky (SREB) Yes Yes Yes 11/02/2016
Louisiana (SREB) Yes Yes Yes 10/17/2014 10/17/2016
Maine (NEBHE) Yes Yes Yes 11/09/2015
Maryland (SREB) Yes Yes Yes 1/1/2016
Massachusetts (NEBHE) Yes Yes
Michigan (MHEC) Yes Yes Yes 08/31/2015 8/31/2017
Minnesota (MHEC) Yes Yes Yes 01/26/2015 01/26/2017
Mississippi (SREB) Yes Yes Yes 1/1/2016
Missouri (MHEC) Yes Yes Yes 11/16/2014 11/16/2016
Montana (WICHE) N/A N/A Yes 08/13/2014 08/13/2016
Nebraska (MHEC) Yes Yes Yes 08/09/2014 08/09/2016
Nevada (WICHE) Yes Yes Yes 05/14/2014 05/14/2016
New Hampshire (NEBHE) Yes Yes Yes 12/15/2014 12/15/2016
New Jersey N/A N/A Yes 12/05/2016
New Mexico (WICHE) Yes Yes Yes 05/12/2015
New York Yes Yes Yes 12/09/2016
North Carolina (SREB) N/A N/A Yes 06/13/2016
North Dakota (MHEC) Yes Yes Yes 04/03/2014 04/03/2016
Ohio (MHEC) Yes Yes Yes 03/02/2015 03/02/2017
Oklahoma (SREB) N/A N/A Yes 06/29/2015
Oregon (WICHE) Yes Yes Yes 11/11/2014 11/11/2016
Pennsylvania Yes Yes Yes 11/01/2016
Puerto Rico N/A N/A
Rhode Island (NEBHE) Yes Yes Yes 11/09/2015
South Carolina (SREB) Yes Yes Yes 07/01/2016
South Dakota (WICHE) Yes Yes Yes 11/11/2014 11/11/2016
Tennessee (SREB) Yes Yes Yes 06/29/2015
Texas (SREB) Yes Yes Yes 11/02/2015
Utah (WICHE) Yes Yes Yes 08/25/16
Vermont (NEBHE) Yes Yes Yes 04/17/2015 4/17/2019
Virgin Islands N/A N/A Yes 06/07/2017
Virginia (SREB) Yes Yes Yes 10/17/2014 10/17/2016
Washington (WICHE) Yes Yes Yes 05/13/2014 05/13/2016
West Virginia (SREB) N/A N/A Yes 10/17/2014 10/17/2016
Wisconsin (MHEC) Yes Yes Yes 08/12/2016
Wyoming (WICHE) Yes Yes Yes 05/12/2015


n/a: State has determined new legislation is not needed to enable participation in SARA.
North Dakota & South Dakota are members of both MHEC & WICHE; chart indicates SARA affiliation.
Download the State Status sheet here


Regional SARA Directors


Jennifer L. Parks, M.A.
Director, M-SARA
Midwestern Higher Education Compact
105 Fifth Avenue South
Suite 450
Minneapolis , MN , 55401


Sandra J. Doran, Esq.
Director, N-SARA
New England Board of Higher Education
45 Temple Place
Boston , MA , 02111


Mary A. Larson, M.Ed.
Director, S-SARA
Southern Regional Education Board
592 10th Street N.W.
Atlanta , GA , 30318-5776


John Lopez, Ph.D.
Director, W-SARA
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
3005 W. Center Green Drive
Suite 130
Boulder , CO , 80301