Institution Renewal

  • Institutions previously approved by their state as SARA participating institutions are eligible for annual renewal;
  • Institutions are alerted multiple times by NC-SARA (via e-mail) to begin the renewal process.
  • The SARA member state reviews the institution’s renewal application and takes one of four actions: a) approves the Institution’s renewal application; b) approves the Institution’s renewal application on Provisional Status (see Sections 3.2 and 3.3 of the SARA Policy Manual);  c) returns the institution’s application for additional data/information; d) denies the institution’s renewal application.
  • Upon approval of a renewal application, the institution pays its renewal fee to NC-SARA and, if required, to its SARA member state.
  • Delays in payments to NC-SARA result in late fees and potential loss of participation.
  • Renewals on Provisional Status may carry additional institutional obligations or limitations.

Detailed information about the institutional renewal process is in the SARA Policy Manual, Section 3.7.

Institution Renewal Process
Institution Renewal Process