Annual Data Reports

NC-SARA's Annual Data Report - 2022

NC-SARA'S latest Annual Data Report analyzes Fall 2022 exclusively distance education enrollment and 2022 out-of-state learning placement data from more than 2,300 institutions that participate in SARA.

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Read the Report & Learn More

  • Executive Summary summarizes the key takeaways

  • Annual Data Technical Report details the Fall 2022 Exclusively Distance Education Enrollment & 2022 Out-of-State Learning Placements trends and analysis

  • NC-SARA's Data Dashboards allow you to explore the enrollment and out-of-state learning placement data in an interactive format

  • Watch the recording or review the slides of the Annual Data Report Webinar from October 10, 2023. 

You may also reference prior years' annual data in our collection of archived data reports


Why is NC-SARA's Annual Data Collection Important?

Collecting, reporting, and analyzing data about the interstate delivery of distance education are important parts of NC-SARA's mission. Data collection and reporting help measure the impact of SARA.

  • Exclusively Distance Education Enrollment: These data help us understand which institutions are enrolling students exclusively at a distance and where those students are located.
  • Out-of-State Learning Placements: These data help us know how many students are participating in learning placements covered by SARA in other states, what programs of study are represented by learning placements, and in which states those placements occur. OOSLP reporting includes learning placements related to on-ground and distance learning programs.

The reports that NC-SARA produces yearly on these topics are available to the public, as are the raw data.