Archived Data Reports

To aid in transparency and serve the field with information and insights into interstate distance education trends, NC-SARA has produced annual data reports since 2016. We also make continuous improvements in data collection, analysis, and reporting each year. 

Archived Data Reports

2022 NC-SARA Annual Data Report

2021 NC-SARA Annual Data Report
2020 NC-SARA Annual Data Report

Beginning with the Annual Data Report that was published in December 2020, NC-SARA changed the nomenclature used for reporting periods and thus the titles of its reports. All distance education enrollments that were reported to NC-SARA took place the fall term before the report-date year, and Out-of-State Learning Placements (OOSLP) took place in the previous calendar year. For example, the 2019 Data Report on this page reports on distance education enrollments in Fall of 2018, and OOSLP data in calendar year 2018. Please see explanatory notes about this for each year in the archived data reports, below.

  • Please note 2019 OOSLP reporting error: The reported OOSLP total of 271,784 in the 2020 Annual Data Report and Executive Summary below has been revised from 349,930 OOSLP (as reported previously) due to an error in reporting. This revision was made in October 2021. The NC-SARA data dashboards also reflect this corrected information.
  • 2020 NC-SARA Annual Data Report Executive Summary Infographic is available here 
  • 2020 NC-SARA Annual Data Report is available here
Previous Years Reports

2019 NC-SARA Annual Data Report is available here
2018 NC-SARA Annual Data Report* is available here
2017 NC-SARA Annual Data Report* is available here
2016 NC-SARA Annual Data Report* is available here

*Non-SARA exclusively distance education enrollment data reported from Fall 2015 - Fall 2017 may not exactly match previously published reports due to changes in the NC-SARA Salesforce database.