Additional Agenda Item for NC-SARA May 3, 2018 Board Meeting

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Submitted by vbrieske on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 10:12

Each year, NC-SARA board members and the Executive Director in writing confirm their receipt, understanding and compliance with NC-SARA's Conflict of Interest Policy

Such a policy, and those annual confirmations, are necessary to satisfy IRS requirements relating to NC-SARA’s federal non-profit status. The current Policy was adopted by the Board in May, 2015. 

Two modifications to the Policy are proposed. The two modifications: 1) specify how "Financial Interests" are to be reported to NC-SARA; and 2) state that failure to disclose an actual or potential conflict of interest may lead to dismissal from the Council or its employ. 

The Policy (with proposed modifications) is available HERE.

Marshall A. Hill
Executive Director, NC-SARA