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ED Clarifies Recent Rules on State Authorization of Distance Education

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Submitted by jshanika on Thu, 01/19/2017 - 11:05

As many of you know, we were disappointed with the state authorization of distance education rules recently released by the Department. That disappointment changed to confusion after we read a blog post by our good friend and colleague Russ Poulin of WCET.

On January 10, Russ and I wrote the Department to request clarification. Though many in the Department are packing boxes in preparation for the end of the current administration, several took time to craft a response. You can read Russ' blog HERE, our request letter HERE, and Under Secretary Ted Mitchell's response HERE.

We're sure there will continue to be discussion about this issue with the coming administration, but we view this as a helpful clarification.

Marshall A. Hill
Executive Director, NC-SARA