An Important Message from the NC-SARA Board: SARA Policy Modification Process Approved

Updated by on Wed, 07/06/2022 - 08:41

Colleagues, partners and interested parties,

We are writing to inform you that the NC-SARA Board met in an open session Monday evening June 27, 2022 and voted unanimously, with a quorum of 20 Board members, to adopt the revised process for policy changes in NC-SARA policies recommended by the Chairs of the four Regional Steering Committees. At the same Board retreat on Wednesday afternoon, the Board again convened a formal meeting to consider changes in committee structures and board activities. Specifically, the Board has created three new committees and one task force, as well as enhanced responsibilities for the Finance Committee. The three new committees, which expand on the existing Executive and Finance Committees, are the Governance and Nominations Committee, the Policy Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, and the task force to consider changes across SARA partners with respect to student consumer protections. Finally, the Finance Committee has the expanded charge of reviewing and proposing, if necessary, changes in the distribution of current and future NC-SARA financial resources.

The Governance and Nominations Committee has accepted the assignment of proposing the specific charge to each of the groups identified above by August 1, 2022, for formal review and action by the Board at a subsequent meeting to be announced.

 The chairs of each of the groups noted above are as follows:

  • Governance and Nominations Committee – Eduardo Ochoa, Chair
  • Policy Committee – Angela Lee, Chair
  • Strategic Planning Committee – Barbara Gellman-Danley, Chair
  • Consumer Protections Task Force – Art Coleman, Chair

These and future actions will be noted on the NC-SARA website. Given your engagement and participation in matters that come before the NC-SARA Board, we wanted to inform you directly of the changes that are taking place, and we will continue to inform you as any further actions of consequence are approved and implemented by the Board.

Ed, Lori, Rob, Leroy, Eduardo.