Important SARA-Participating Institution Fees Announcement

Updated by on Wed, 07/19/2023 - 08:40

Beginning on October 1, 2023, NC-SARA will resume the standard practice of charging late fees to institutions, as outlined in the SARA Policy Manual.


In March 2020, NC-SARA implemented several activities to accommodate the impact of COVID-19 on participating institutions and member states, including waiving late fees for payments received by U.S. Mail and specific delays in approval and processing of institutional applications. In light of the end of the COVID-19 related emergency declaration, NC-SARA will resume the charging of late fees and granting less leniency for delays in approval and processing of institutional applications beginning on October 1, 2023.

SARA Policy Regarding Late Fees

References to institutional late fees can be found in the following sections of the SARA Policy Manual:

  • 3.7(b)(5) renewals (page 36)
  • 3.7(c) grace period (page 37)
  • 3.7(d) institution participation deadline extension (page 38)
  • 3.7(e) new institution participation deadline extension (page 38)
Administrative Forms for Extensions

There are two administrative forms (both available on the NC-SARA website) to be used for extensions:

  1. (AF1) New Institution Participation Deadline Extension

  2. (AF2) Renewing SARA Institution Participation Extension

Please note that your SARA State Portal Entity (SPE) will provide rationale in the administrative form if they think a late fee should be waived for an institution.

Additional Resource

Please note that one of the eleven SARA Quick Start Guides is all about SARA Fees. 

Next Steps

NC-SARA will be working with the SARA community to announce and offer reminders to institutions about fees, and we will keep SARA State Portal Entities and Regional Compact partners apprised of developments. For questions or comments, please contact:

This memo was sent to all SARA institution contacts on 7/19/23.