NC-SARA Releases a New Version of the SARA Manual and NC-SARA Board Nominations

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NC-SARA Releases a New Version of the SARA Manual

A new, revised version of the SARA Manual, Version 19.2, is available HERE.  Version 19.2 includes changes made by the NC-SARA Board at its May 8-9, 2019 meeting. Version 19.2:

  • Adds definitions for Branch Campus, Main Campus and Central Administrative Unit;
  • Requires regional compacts and states to adopt means to hear and resolve appeals from states and institutions for which they deny membership or participation in SARA;
  • Clarifies certain aspects of states’ use of federal financial responsibility composite scores in determining institutional eligibility for participation in SARA;
  • Further clarifies that institutions participating in SARA must be located in a SARA member state;
  • “Promotes” numerous, pre-existing “Explanatory Notes” to policy language; and
  • Adds new process provisions for seeking changes to NC-SARA policies.

Additional modifications are described in the Introduction to Version 19.2 and in Section 9.    

Version 19.2 replaces all previous versions of the SARA Manual and is effective immediately. Institution and State Applications and Administrative Forms have all been updated to reflect the new policies.  Please be sure to use the current forms.

NC-SARA Board Nominations

The NC-SARA Board anticipates having several vacancies following its October 2019 meeting; therefore, we are soliciting nominations to fill these positions on behalf of the Board.  

Members of the Board - a diversified group of higher education leaders - are selected based on their knowledge of the field, ability to work across multiple perspectives, and commitment to the collaborative work and success of SARA and NC-SARA. Board members serve a three-year term, with possible re-election to an additional three-year term. Nominees will be reviewed by the nominating committee, which will then make recommendations for consideration by the Board at its October 2019 meeting.

Information about NC-SARA and its work is available here.

A list of current NC-SARA Board Members is available here.

If you are interested in serving, or would like to nominate someone, please send a letter to NC-SARA, 3005 Center Green Drive, Suite 130, Boulder, CO 80301 or by e-mail to To ensure consideration, nominations should be received by Friday, August 2, 2019.

Marshall A. Hill
President and Chief Executive Officer
June 7, 2019