NC-SARA Sponsors New Report on Quality in Online Learning Released by Inside Higher Ed

Updated by on Fri, 04/01/2022 - 07:45

The National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) sponsored a new report released by Inside Higher Ed that examines issues and opportunities related to quality online learning in higher education. Download the free report.

The Inside Higher Ed report, entitled “The Evolving Conversation About Quality in Online Learning,” focuses on “the current state and the evolving debate about quality: who gets to decide its parameters, and what is the general sentiment about online learning as it stands.”

The report includes numerous experts’ perspectives about the many dimensions of this topic, including: the role the global COVID-19 pandemic played as a catalyst; emergency remote learning compared to intentionally designed online learning; how the nature of the typical student has changed; current perceptions of online learning; how we judge excellence in online education; and next steps toward a holistic approach to online learning. These next steps include the need for institutions to make ongoing investments in resources for quality online learning; involving technological leaders in decision-making; and designing courses and support that fit into students’ lives. The report includes a collection of resources and articles for further reading, as well.

The report is available to download for free. Inside Higher Ed will also hold a webcast (register HERE) about the report on Wednesday, May 4 at 2 P.M. ET, and a podcast airing the week of April 25, 2022.