New FAQs

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SARA staff have developed new FAQs based on questions received. These FAQs focus on SARA and the states and SARA and the physical presence standard. If you have a question, please email:

Are states obligated to use the published federal financial responsibility score when considering an institution's eligibility for SARA?

No, a state can, if desired, require an applicant institution to provide the most recent federal score, which may in some cases be newer than what has been published.

Is one-on-one in-person tutoring by a faculty member living in one SARA state on behalf of an institution operating under SARA from another SARA state considered a physical presence or is it covered by SARA?

It is covered by SARA unless more than one student is present in the same physical space at the same time.  It does not constitute a physical presence if both states are SARA members. This scenario may be reviewed by SARA staff and the National Council in the future, but SARA staff consider this to be sufficiently similar to a supervised field experience to be covered by SARA.