New SARA Quick Start Guides Added

Updated by on Mon, 04/18/2022 - 15:01

NC-SARA has added three new SARA Quick Start Guides on the following topics related to SARA:

  • California Students - This Quick Start Guide answers the question: What is the best way for a SARA-participating institution to work with students in California?
  • Overseas Students - This Quick Start Guide answers the questions: Are military students deployed overseas covered by SARA? and Are other U.S. non-military students living in other countries covered by SARA?
  • Military Bases - This Quick Start Guide answers the question: Does the scope of SARA include distance education activities offered by a SARA-participating institution that take place on a military base?

When institutions participate in SARA, they agree to a set of compliance requirements as detailed in the SARA Policy Manual. SARA Quick Start Guides are intended to help institutions easily understand a SARA requirements to help them maintain compliance, communicate with colleagues regarding SARA, and explain SARA to students and other stakeholders.

There are now ten SARA Quick Start Guides available on topics ranging from the Institution Application, to Field Trips, to Student Complaints. We appreciate the partnership of the SARA State Portal Entities and Regional Compacts in developing these resources.