Proposed SARA Policy Modification Process – Public Comment Period Open March 1 - March 15, 2022

Updated by on Mon, 02/28/2022 - 12:50

On behalf of SARA Regional Steering Committees (RSCs), Regional Compacts, and NC-SARA, we invite you to review and comment on the newly proposed SARA Policy Modification Process, which will be presented to the NC-SARA Board in its spring meeting (May 5-6, 2022) for consideration.


As announced in November 2021 following the Fall 2021 NC-SARA Board Meeting, the board voted to table three policy proposals. Furthermore, more than 90 proposed policy changes were collected during the open comment period from June through August 2021 and have been shared with the board for their consideration and review. In its May 2022 meeting, the board will discuss the proposed process described here and next steps for the policy proposals that have not yet have been acted upon.

Proposed SARA Policy Modification Process

This proposed annual process outlines the steps by which stakeholders may suggest policy modifications, as well as the process by which proposals will be vetted and considered by RSCs, Regional Compacts, and NC-SARA, prior to any policy modifications being voted upon by the NC-SARA Board.

Provide Your Comments

Please CLICK HERE to offer your comments on this proposed process. Please note that comments will not be confidential or anonymous; the comments will be shared with the NC-SARA staff, Regional Compact staff, Regional Steering Committees, and the NC-SARA Board.

All comments are due via the survey link above by March 15, 2022.