SARA and ACICS-accredited Institutions

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ACICS (the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools) is a national accrediting body that has been in the news for the well-publicized failures of some of the institutions it has accredited and accusations of lax accrediting practices. The US Department of Education has removed ACICS from its list of "recognized" accreditors, but a lawsuit over that action is pending in the courts. In the meantime, ACICS-accredited schools have 18 months to obtain accreditation by another recognized accreditor in order to maintain the eligibility of their students to participate in federal financial aid programs.

We've been asked how these issues affect SARA eligibility for ACICS-accredited institutions. Click HERE for our response.

Marshall A. Hill

Executive Director, NC-SARA 

Note:  The original letter provided with the initial blog post had an incorrect date: January 25 of 2016, instead of 2017.