Spring 2022 NC-SARA Board Meeting Summary and Policy Next Steps

Updated by on Fri, 06/17/2022 - 10:15

The NC-SARA Board held its Spring 2022 meeting on May 5-6, 2022

Update on Proposed SARA Policy Modification Process

During the meeting, the board voted to table approving the proposed policy modification process, for the purpose of deliberation of the board, on issues related to its role, and for further discussion with the Regional Steering Committee chairs and other stakeholders. UPDATE (June 16, 2022) Following the board meeting, a decision was made to discuss and consider a vote on the proposed policy modification process on June 27th at the board’s retreat. The public will be invited to listen in on this portion of the board’s meeting. NC-SARA will share updates about this work following the board meeting and vote at its retreat.

When the new policy modification process is adopted, numerous outstanding policy proposals from a variety of SARA stakeholders will be routed through it, including the potential inclusion of the Accreditors’ 21st Century Guidelines for Distance Education, recommendations from the branch campus working group, proposed policy modifications to sections 8.2 and 8.3 of the SARA Policy Manual, and other modifications submitted during the 2021 open comment period.